Almost every company today is struggling to expand at the pace at which markets are evolving. As a result, most of them are either looking to take advantage of best available resources or hire specialists in every department for developing specific plans as well as to deliver projects.

At Brainsparkz, our flexible and efficient purchasing services are designed to
match your needs effectively. We offer a wide range of purchasing services
including specific functions and administrative support as well as complete central purchasing services. Our highly competitive and experienced consultants provide you with best in class purchasing services to drive business growth.

Brainsparkz’s purchasing services are highly adaptive and complement your
organizational strategy, structure as well as targets with a two-fold purpose:

  • To help you to improve your purchasing processes while also ensuring huge savings, both quickly as well as sustainably.
  • To assist your purchasing unit/department in a manner that enables them to focus on value added tasks for your organization.

How Can Our Purchasing Services Help You?

We combine methodology, technology and experience to offer tailored purchasing services that help you to achieve your targets. Our innovative
approach has enabled us to provide savings in the range of 20-25% on the original figures, across different expenditure types.

We integrate our years of expertise & knowledge by implementing our unique strategies within your operations that further help us to assess the market behavior. From that very point, Brainsparkz lays down the map for optimizing purchasing processes, thereby delivering significant savings.


We offer expert assistance and personalized consulting in areas such as:

• Complicated negotiations i.e. building impactful negotiation strategies.
• Drawing up of offers
• Supplier search
• Contract closing
• Purchase Orders
• Inspection
• Facility Audits
• Product Inspection
• Shipping (LCL/ FCL) & more.

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