Yiwu Market

Yiwu International Trade City, also known as the Yiwu Market, is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. According to the World Bank, it is the world’s largest small commodities market. In 2013, the market sold US$11 billion of goods

Futian Market

Futian Market is located in district 1 and has large wholesale markets like belts, Art & Craft, Yiwu Scarf and Shawl’s market, hair accessories.

International production material market

As the name suggests, the International production material market is all about the production material ranging from glass, ceramics, woodwork, and equipment that can be used in production for machinery, raw materials for electronics and stuff.

Huangyuan Clothing Market

Widely known for selling garments and clothing.

Digital Market:

Yiwu digital market is the largest marketplace to shop for tech equipment, cellphones, led, and other accessories at the best price.

Communication Market:

The communication market sells all communication equipment like radios, walkie talkies, networking devices, and cables and cell phones. Anything you might require can be sourced from this market for your communicational needs.

Yiwu Material Market:

Yiwu Material Market is famous for all the raw materials required for the industries-machine parts to accessories and raw materials easily in this market.

Zhejiang Timber Market:

Zhezhong timber market is known for building materials and mainly wood used for flooring and other infrastructure.

China Furniture Market

  • Louvre Furniture Market
  • Sunlink Furniture North
  • Sunlink Furniture South
  • Red Star Macalline
  • Sunlink Lightning and Kitchen
  • Shunde Empire Furniture Mall
  • Tuanyi Furniture City
Guangzhou Wholesale Market

  • Buyun Tiandi
  • Jiefang Road Shoes Market
  • Haiyin Electric Appliances
  • Haiyin Electronics Market
  • West Lake Clothes Square
  • Jiangnan Wedding Dress Street
  • Xindadi Clothes Market
  • Debao Trading Market
  • Wanling Square
  • Sanyuanli Small Ware Market
  • Drapery Trading Center
  • Ziyuangang Leather Market
  • Guihuagang Leather Market
  • Liwan Square
  • Huaxing Daily Supplies Wholesale Market
  • Kapok International Fashion City
  • Huimei International Clothes City
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